Race Info & Logistics

Event Dates

19th/20th October 2019

16th/17th November 2019

15th/16th February 2020

21st/22nd March 2020

On-line Entries close on the Thursday before each event at 6pm, or when we reach 1000 entries.

Saturday Race Schedule

Registration - 12.00 - 1:45pm

Transition - 1:00 - 1:45pm

Active Kids and First Timers Pre-race briefing - 1.45pm (in transition area)

Active Kids race start - 2.00pm

Active First Timers race start - 2.45pm

Tykes, Trikes and Training Wheels start (race weekend 2 & 4 only) - 4.00pm

Transition for Saturday races opens at 1pm and closes at 1:45pm. Bikes may only be collected after the last cyclist has finished.

(Please note that this schedule may change. Please check back in the week of race day for the most up to date schedule.)

Sunday Race Schedule

Registration - 5.30am – 6.30am

Pre-race briefing - 6.30am (at swim start)

Short Course race start - 6.45am

Long Course race start - 7.30am

Presentations - 30 minutes from last finisher
Approx. 10am

Transition for Sunday’s events opens at 5:30am and closes at 6:30am. Bikes may only be collected after the last cyclist has finished the long course (approx 9:30am)

Baggage Area will be open from 5.30am until 11.00am.

This area is within Transition and will only be accessible from transition!

No responsibility is taken by the Race Organiser for loss or damage to bags left in this area. Gear left in baggage area is done at owner’s risk.

Wave Starts will be available at Registration

(Please note that this schedule may change. Please check back in the week of race day for the most up to date schedule.)


Race Pack Pick Up

You can either pick up your race pack on Friday prior to race weekend in Brisbane at:

Wildfire Sports
Unit 1, 49 Douglas St, Milton, Brisbane.
10.00am - 4.00pm

Or on the Saturday between 12 and 4pm and Sunday from 5.30am until Registration close at the race site from the Registration tent.

Bikes must be racked in the racks provided outside Registration area before going through registration and/or numbering. If you line up with your bike you will be sent to the back of the line.

Series Gift

If you have entered the series you can pick up your series gift on Saturday and Sunday from the Registration tent at the race site. They have a list of all series entrants and will note when you collect it.


Toilets are located for participant and general public use adjacent to the transition area. Additional port a loos will also be available for use. Toilets are also located near the swim start - 200m towards the bridge

First Aid

The First Aid tent will be located next to the Finish chute.


The numbering area is behind Registration. You must get numbered by the officials at the numbering area behind Registration. You cannot number yourself.

Course Maps

The maps are in the transition area and available on boards around the Registration area

Lost and Found

Any lost property found can be handed in to the registration tent. If you have lost something, report to the registration tent.

Race Times

Times will be released on the Bribie Tri website (www.bribietri.com) on the Monday morning following the race. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category will be announced at the presentation and random draws after the race. Times are often released earlier on our Facebook page (often on the day)

If you take your bike over a fence you will be disqualified!

If you jump over a fence you will be disqualified!

After the swim your torso (upper body) must be covered!

Your body must be numbered before entering Transition!



Swim Start

The swim starts will be identified on course board near registration. Swim goes with the current either from bridge end or Caloundra end.

Start Time

Short course swim starts 6.45am
Long course swim swim start 7.30am

Swimming Cap

Swim caps are compulsory and will be available at registration


This will be announced on the morning of the race.

Click here for Triathlon Australia Competition Rules.

After the swim your torso (upper body) must be covered!



Helmets must be on and done up before you touch your bike. When returning to transition you must rack your bike before undoing your helmet.

Race Numbers

Race numbers must be worn during bike leg and run leg.

Road Rules

While road closures are in place, roads are still open to local traffic so please follow all road rules.

Bike Sticker

The sticker identifies your bike and must be placed on your bike stem (i.e. between your handlebars)


Officials will send drafting offenders to the penalty box which is located at the bike entry of transition.

Click here for Triathlon Australia Competition Rules


Bikes can be taken out only after the last bike has completed the long course.

There will be an announcement and all bikes must be taken out via the bike gates. If you take your bike over a fence you will be disqualified. Bike security sticker needs to match the race number on your arm in order to remove your bike. You cannot remove your bike before transition is officially open. This is a safety risk to all competitors.


Race Numbers

Race numbers must be worn during the run leg and bike leg.

How many laps is the run?

Short course:
1 lap

Long course:
Oct & March - 2 laps
Nov & Feb - 3 laps

Run Exit

The run exit is at the lower end of the transition area. There will be a sign above the ‘Run Exit’.


Teams Area

Teams Area is up the top end of Transition where the cyclists exit

Timing Chips

You will have one chip for the whole team, the swimmer must pass the chip to the cyclist and the cyclist to the runner.

Race Number

Team two race numbers will be issues (1) bike rider (2) runner.

When should the cyclist prepare for their leg?

Once the swim is started the cyclist should wait beside their bike in the teams area.

When should the runner prepare for their leg?

Once the cyclist is on the road the runner should wait in the Teams Area ready to get tagged to start

Timing Chips

You can wear your timing chip on either leg, but putting it on your left leg keeps it away from your derailleur. You CANNOT wear the chip on any other part of your body.

Be sure to hand your timing chip to the officials at the finish line.

Please report loss of chip to one of the race officials immediately.